Painting + Drawing + Printmaking

Shannon Brinkley

Thank you for visiting my site. I am Shannon Brinkley, based in Maadi, Cairo. The portfolio of work seen here is a reflection of the different places I have lived, including my current home in Egypt. With more than half a decade in South Africa under my belt and roots in the red clay of North Carolina and flat-lands of Chicago, the facets of place are what ground my practice. My most recent work is a meditation of the structures surrounding me in daily life: the simplicity of a knotted piece of string to remnants from gardens past to the rock fragments of the Western Desert.

Alongside my ongoing arts practice, I teach Visual Arts through the International Baccalaureate program at Cairo American College. Previously, I worked extensively with communities in urban Chicago and rural South Africa, bringing together social justice and creative expression.

My paintings and prints can be viewed in private collections throughout Belgium, UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Egypt and USA, as well as at the University of North Carolina and the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. 



Image Credits: Images in the Portfolio gallery were all produced by the artist, Shannon Brinkley. Betty Pietak photographed most of the work seen in "Investigations" and "(R)evolve" as well as the profile image (above).